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This is an expansion on the shadowfolk post I made yesterday.

In addition to what I wrote before, I have also experienced the following.

Once, while still living with my parents, I was downstairs in the kitchen making something for breakfast before school. Between this kitchen and the living room was a bar, and to the right was a set of stairs leading up the the second floor. I had just gotten something from the cupboard, and had turned around. While doing so I had a clear unobstructed view straight to the living room and the bottom of the stairs.

Right at that moment, I saw a very distinct dark shadow leap off the stairs, cross the few feet to the bar, then disappear behind the counter top for the bar. I wasn't particularly worried, as my mother was home, and me being less than 10 years old just assumed it was her.

Bravely I walked around the bar. Nothing there. I walked a bit farther, past the front door (which was shut and locked) and into the tiny dining room. I couldn't see anything. Immeasurably confused, I went upstairs to see if my mother was there. Of course she was. In her own bathroom putting on makeup and doing her hair.

Still confused but not really scared, I went back downstairs to finish making my lunch. I never saw anything like that in that house again.

Same house as above. Many times in the afternoon I would arrive home about an hour before my step dad got home from work. I would lock the door, and before starting homework, I would get a snack from the kitchen and sit in the tiny dining room to eat. Directly above the dining room was my parents room. Several times during the week, when I know I was home alone, I would hear small childlike footsteps running back and forth through my parents room. Their bed was in the middle of the room, and it sounded like the steps were running from one side of the bed then to the other.

At the time (and still today) my step dad has an old toy from when he was a small child. It's an old clown, about one and a half feet tall. I have always been terrified of this evil little monster (I hate clowns.. it's a phobia). I was convinced that when I heard these footsteps that it was the clown taunting me.

When I went upstairs to my bedroom I had to pass my parents open door. I always felt like something was going to leap out and grab me so I would jump across the doorway to my bedroom door and the slam my door shut. My heart was always beating terribly and I often felt like I had just barely escaped being dragged into my parents closet and murdered by that little monster clown doll.

I played with a Ouija board on occasion, but I'm not sure it ever really worked. I was sleeping at my best friend's house, and she had one. So we sat in the middle of her bedroom and tried it out. It would never work with just my fingers on it. It only worked with both of us, or her alone. So I was feeling very skeptical.

I asked her to close her eyes. She did, and we still got coherent words from the board. Thinking she was peeking, I asked her to lay down (so her eyes were close to the floor and seeing the numbers and letters would be difficult). She did so and we still got coherent words. (I never wrote it down so I can't remember what it said, other than it said it was a little girl).

I'm still skeptical, especially when people say the planchette bounced around all on it's own or flew around the room.

I once tried to see in a mirror who I would marry. I stayed up until midnight, then went into the foyer at my parents (different house than above). They had what's called a hall tree. It has hooks on it for holding coats, has a very large mirror, and a drawer and shelf for storage. I turned off the light in that room and looked in the mirror. I said some chant (I got it out of a book, and it was about ten years ago so I can't remember what I said). After saying the chant so many times, I looked intently into the mirror. I was extremely giddy and nervous, and as I was looking, I saw a shadow in the mirror near the far wall of the dining room behind me. I didn't see a face though.

Needless to say I ran back to my room and trembled a little with the light on.

One more.

I almost had an OBE once. One of my friends was staying the night, and we'd been talking about ghosts and things. I wanted to see if I could leave my body, so I law down on the trundle, closed my eyes, and waited for her "ghost friend" to help me leave my body. It was a very strange experience, to say the least.

After a few minutes I began to feel like I was floating inches above the bed. I tried to move farther away, but felt tethered to my body. I floated there for about ten minutes, and then my friend dropped my hematite stone and it clanked against the metal frame of my bed. I came back to myself and woke up immediately.

I wanted to try again, and she said no, I'd taken long enough and she was bored. I complained it had only been a few minutes, and she corrected me by pointing at the digital clock saying it had been an hour.

I was a bit shocked at the passage of time, I was sure it was only at most ten minutes.

I haven't tried again, though I have occasionally felt myself shift slightly, just a few inches, though never on purpose.

That's it for now. I'll try to think of other interesting things to post.

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