Dafad Ddu (dafadddu) wrote in deepeningchaos,
Dafad Ddu

Shadowfolk and other weird happenings.

There's so much to post.

I have seen many strange things that I haven't been able to explain.

When I was very young, I was with my mother and sister at my grandmother's house. Me being the "baby" I had been sent to bed before everyone else. I always had hated this house. It was dark and dreary and felt like being inside a cave. Anyway, the bedroom door had been left open, and I was laying on the bed. I could see my mother down the hall, 30 feet away (if that). Suddenly, to my right, I saw someone stand up.

I looked over and saw a tall, black shadow standing between the wall and bed. My heart began to race. This shadowman looked left, then right, then ducked down again, hiding beneath the bed. There is no way the shadow could have come from my family members, as no one had antered the hallway.

Needless to say I jumped out of bed and high-tailed it out of there.

I've also seem small spiderlike shadows racing around my room. They looked the size or tarantulas or possibly larger.

I've heard footsteps running around the house when I was home alone, footsteps in the attack back and forthover my bed at night, footsteps in my parents room above me while I was sitting in the dining room having an afterschool snack and no one else was home.

I tried the ghost in the mirror thing but nothing happened. I've played with a Ouija board but nothing happened when only I used it.

Oh, there's more but I need to get this journal off the ground so I'll post later.
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