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Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, unable to move, with an evil monster lurking next to your bed? Did you feel like you were choking? Did it feel like something was holding you against the bed, against your will, and you could do nothing about it?

If you have, then you have experienced what is called Sleep Paralysis.

One of my experiences of sleep paralysis.


I was laying back, asleep, and I felt like I was being shoved against the bed and the headboard, like I was being dragged backward over the bed. And the lower part of my face went numb, like I was laying on it or something (and I wasn't). I kept trying to open my eyes but I just felt so tired.. Until finally I did. I got up and got dressed, but was trying to find out why the water tank kept taking water because it's been making noise all night long and bothering me. I walked down the hallway toward the bathroom. And there was a bucket with water in it and a hose going to the sink and it was draining. And there were some kittens playing in the hallway and the front door was open a little.

I tried picking up one of the kittens but they ran away. And next thing I know I'm in bed again feeling like I'm being dragged over it by something. And my face is numb again. I would just manage to open my eyes and the dream would slowly fade, then I close them again and I feel like I'm being dragged. It feels like this lasted for at least half an hour, but when I finally really manage to get up (though I was certain I was still just dreaming) I realize it's only just 9:30.

I've had sleep paralysis many times over the years. It always lasts for several minutes. I often end up fighting myself to be able to move. It is very frightening, and very intense.

However, there is no evil monster trying to kill you.

I do think, it is entirely possible that while in a state of sleep paralysis that some spirit may be drawn to you to take advantage of your helplessness, the actual experience itself is a medical condition.

What are some symptoms of sleep paralysis?

  • A feeling of being choked or suffocated
  • A feeling of someone pinning you down or sitting on you (your chest in particular)
  • Being able to hear noises including footsteps and voices close by
  • Being able to see beings or dark shadows surrounding or standing near the bed
  • A frightening feeling of evil descending upon you
  • Shaking of the body or rumbling sensation (ringing) in the ears
  • A feeling of untold evil surrounding you or trying to suffocate you
  • Noises such as knocking or banging on the walls
  • The feeling of being in a dream like state but yet thinking you are awake

  • The above is taken from the Castle of Spirits web site, the link for which will be found below.

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