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Deepening Chaos

Enter the Deepening Chaos

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This is a community specifically to discus such phenomena as ghosts, psychic abilities, magic, supernatural encounters, and other strange occurrences.

This is not a community in which to mock or scorn people who believe in supernatural occurrences.

You may write about your experiences regarding anything supernatural, Ouija board, magic, etc. You may provide personal encounters with ghosts, haunted houses, poltergeists, doppelgängers, bloody mary, whatever. We're here to have fun folks!

Please do NOT post off-topic things like web quizzes, who you saw on TV last night, who won the local baseball game, etc.

I'm not into censorship, but if you post hateful and/or off-topic posts I will delete them with no compunction. Just obey the rules and all will go smoothly.

I expect you to:
1. Be polite.
2. Write so we can understand what you're trying to convey

That's all for now unless I think of something else I feel is necessary.

This community is currently open and does not require membership.

Enjoy the community, that's what it's here for!